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Darvas Box Screener

I have been trying for some time to automate the process of screening for stocks that meet the Darvas box theory criteria. I have found that I can easily write code to check the fundamental parts of the theory (such as volume surge relative to some recent average, all-time high), but have yet to succeed in writing an algorithm that will successfully and consistently identify Darvas boxes

The key here is consistency, because I have found that many times the algorithms that I have will work for some boxes, and miss others. I am presently unsure of exactly how to work the thing. I know about the Darvas screener that Sethi has available. Having tried it, I have found that it too is lacking the consistency that I seek.

To date I have not found a program to do the actual box finding to my satisfication, so I have to resort to doing it manually which really limits the number of stocks I can process. It's just one of those unfinished things.