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Forex Strategy - Darvas Box Theory

Because forex trends so much, I find it difficult to find an area of consolidation during a time when I am wake (and therefore can exploit this fact). This is an unfortunate circumstance of my time zone. However, I think the Darvas Box method still has merit, assuming one is able to catch them. The nice thing is that forex brokers will allow you to place a trade to buy and sell the same pair at the same time. Note, however, that with the new no-hedging rule, some brokers no longer allow this despite the fact that the strategy per se does not break the no-hedging rule.

Since the Darvas Box Theory has been described elsewhere, please observe the following graphic to see what a set-up would look like. Observe that it is exactly the same as in equities, so once you learn the basic method the application is the same in forex.

FX Forex Technical Analysis (Darvas Box Theory)

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