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General Finance Books

In this book, the author describes a stock selection method that he claims has beaten the market over time. What he describes is a purely mechanical method - no emotions involved whatsoever. There is also nothing vague to interpret - just follow the steps and buy the stocks that pop out at the end.

This method exploits key features of the market that have persisted over time: high book to market ratio (value stocks), diversification, and the tendency of the market to increase over time (e.g., inflate). It is an interesting read, perfect for those that don't have time to pour over all the detail generally required for fundamental investing.

It looks like this book has touched off several 'Little Books'; they can all be found at the link to the left. There is also an audiobook version of this, if you don't have time to read it.

Despite its bold title, this book isn't quite the only book you'll need. Still, this book is hilarious. Written by the guy who created the software program called 'Mind Your Own Business', it is packed full of useful personal finance tips. The guy basically tells you how to live your life on less money, and not feel like you're a pauper. In the process, you are treated to his unique brand of humor and anecdotal evidence.

This is a really funny book that actually has some great stuff in it. A highly recommended read.